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A great game to use in the English class is Taboo. While it’s very time-consuming to prepare (tip: get your students to write the cards themselves, so they have to think hard about related words), the students have tons of fun and it gets them to speak quickly.

Yet the best pay-off for me is hearing what is REALLY on students’ minds, when the time pressure makes them blurt out the first thing they can think of.

Here is a sampling of favorites:

1) When you take the elevator you are a ……

A. Wheelchair!

2) We all have it in our trousers.  (Me: Where is this going?!?!)

B. Cell phone! (Me: Phew!)

3) Americans are it!  (Me: Nobody can answer something like that!)

C. Overweight! (Me: Oh, COME ON!)

So for all the teaching about disregarding stereotypes, and speaking with care and political correctness, when the pressure’s on we can see what you’re really thinking!

Anyone else have favorite Taboo moments to add to this list?